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About S.W.I.S. GROUP

As an investor or "business-angel" S.W.I.S. GROUP:

  • Helps turn an idea into a realistic project
  • Helps turn a realistic project into a start-up
  • Helps a start-up with Human Resources, Strategy development, Recruiting, Fundraising (seed, 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier), Marketing and other needed services.

In 1999 and 2000 S.W.I.S. Group represented Swiss Industry interests (through the organisation "Vorort", today "Economiesuisse") in the deliberations leading up to the Swiss Digital Signature Law (ZertES) which was enacted on January 1, 2005. 

In September 2001 S.W.I.S. GROUP became one of the three founders of SwissSign AG "The digital Identity Specialists. Made in Switzerland". SwissSign is a CSP and is certified to issue X.509 certificates according to the Swiss Digital Signature law. In July 2005 SwissSign was sold and became a fully owned subsidiary of Swiss Post (the government owned Swiss national postal service).

In May 2007 SDMS AG was founded. Together with Notaries of the Swiss Canton of Vaud a role-based register- and archiving system was developed, solving a common database problem concerning long time access rights and short-term representation for professions as well as users. In May 2010 the capital was increased to one million Swiss Francs. We had a successful exit from this project in May 2013.

In April 2011 Drupal Events was founded. An association according to Swiss Law, it serves to further the recognition of Drupal. It has organized the first ever "Drupal Commerce Camp" and a "codesprint" (which was the start of the TMGMT module) in Switzerland.

In 2012 we were responsible, as content lead, for the Drupalcon Munich a one-week conference with 1'800 participants.

In 2013 we are responsible as Program/content lead for the Drupalcon Prague with an estimated 2'000 participants.

Current Projects:

  • SIX, Secure Information Exchange, using SIRB (on hold)
  • SET (on hold)
  • spmt
  • UWP
  • MD Systems
  • Drupal Events

As a privacy and security consultant S.W.I.S. GROUP helps its customers:

  • Understand privacy and the concept of digital identities and applied cryptography
  • Work with certificates
  • Sell and explain "Security" to employees
  • "Market" the understanding of security
  • Write security concepts and strategic documents for sound decision making
  • Create and implement privacy applications¬†
  • Plan, implement and manage open source CMS systems based on Drupal.

List of our former projects